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At Imakelipstick, we create innovative wholesale cosmetic products and cutting edge color formulations to accentuate your cosmetic brand while also offering the access to learn the entire process, ultimately creating a unique vending experience.


The products here at IMakeLipstick are all hand manufactured at our facility in Burbank, CA. 

We pride ourselves in the use of the most harmless, and cruelty-free ingredients in our formulations for cutting- edge quality.


Since our products are made in small batches by hand, we are easily able to customize the formulas to control pigmentation and even offer custom color formulations that cater to the wishes of our clients. We are proud to be a Global brand that has serviced customers in ALL 50 States and over 20 countries worldwide.

Lipstick Making Expo Retreat

Since starting in her very own kitchen in 2010 and outgrowing her very first office space, our owner Tre along with our amazing team, has found a home in Burbank, CA where we manufacture and process hundreds of cosmetic products daily. 


We pride ourselves on Women Empowerment here at Imakelipstick.


Our goal is always to create a sisterhood where we embrace collaboration over competition in the Entrepreneurial industry all while offering a helping hand and resources to enhance the knowledge of the beauty industry as a whole and the challenges that entrepreneurs may face in this particular area of business. We feel that using our platform to provide insiders and tips to our community of beauty business owners allow us to share the knowledge that we have been privileged to attain over the decade that we have been providing our services. We strongly believe that "Every Girl Deserves the Chance To Build Her Empire".

Our Team.

We are a passionate and diverse team of business-savvy entrepreneurs and creative artists. We come from different backgrounds and lifestyles, and have varying personalities and interests. 


Treion Marie

Founder & CEO

The sole chemist at Imakelipstick.

Tre has been making cosmetics for over 13 years.

Fun Fact: Tre is a native of New Orleans, LA and is a southern girl at heart. In her free time, she loves to cook!



Alyssa L.

Executive Assistant & Office Director

For nearly 3 years Alyssa has consistently managed our office, runs the shipping department, and gives product advice. She has worked closely with Tre to understand the needs of the brand and to help execute ideas with flexibility. 

Fun Fact: Alyssa is beginning to learn the Lab Side of things, More hands = More production! 

In her free time, she loves to chill with her family!



Janae H.

Content & Operations Manager

Our newest addition to our team is Janae who is also a native of New Orleans, LA and a strategic creative. Janae has been able to innovate processes and better operations strategies and helps us manage

various projects.

Janae likes to read, exercise, and create in her spare time.

Fun Fact: Janae also has her own blog and lifestyle brand.



Imakelipstick Private Label Cosmetics
New Orleans, LA

General Inquiries

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We're hiring exciting and hard working individuals to create with us. Contact us today to learn more about our current job positions and how you can apart of the team.

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