In 2010 Treion, a New Orleans Native, started Kissable Me, her very own lipstick company after being curious about the chemical process behind cosmetics, specifically lipstick. Starting out in her kitchen, Tre began to perfect her multitude of formulas and within a few years, Tre began Imakelipstick as a way for others to have their own brands too! After 11 years of consistency,  Tre has transformed her hobby into the thriving business we now know as Imakelipstick Private Label Cosmetics. Not only has she completely perfected the formula of lipstick, but she has also perfected many other cosmetic products that are used for face, skin, hair, and body. Within the 11 years, Tre has also added  "Business Coach" to her resume because she has been able to transform what she knows into virtual webinars and in-person seminars to teach her audience the ins and outs of starting a cosmetic line and being a CEO. As an entrepreneur, she has faced many adversities, but continues to strive forward. Through her creativity, innovation, and ambition, she is quite the problem solver and takes on any challenge, proudly. 

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