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Meet Our Owner!


Treion Marie, a native of New Orleans, LA was always creative and had always had her own innovative style. Her journey to entrpreneurship started in the very kitchen of her own home. Treion was very interested in the chemical process of cosmetics, and wanted to make a product that would be harmless, FDA approved, and COLORFUL. Shortly after, Kissable Me was born. Treion was able to produce an outstanding series of highly pigmented, long-lasting lip products that are loved by many.


Imakelipstick was created when Treion realized the need for some Women Empowerment in business. She wanted women to know that its okay to be in the same industry but in your own lane! Treion believes that in anything, time and dedication must be put into it for it to prosper, so she worked tirelessly to build Imakelipstick from the ground up. After a long journey of ups and downs, Imakelipstick is finally climbing to the top. Imakelipstick's products are a hit and people are waiting to get their hands on them.  Treion has dedicated her time and innovative ideas to keep the company on a constant incline. Since all of her products are hand-made, she has the ability to customize colors, reformulate previous formulations, and control pigmentation and texture. She has the abiltiy to create nearly anything!  While some of her shades are bold and vibrant, she also has some that are everyday wears,  as her goal is to cater to all women regardless of age. Tre can't wait to work with you and bring your vision to life! 




"Because Every Girl Deserves The Chance to Build Her Empire"


We create some of the dopest girl bosses here at Imakelipstick!

Here at Imakelipstick, Our goal is to make it easy and stress-free when building your cosmetic company! Let us bring your vision to life! We've got you covered!




Good things come to those that.... #HUSTLE yes, but the old saying #WAIT is just as important. Keep in mind that our products are hand-crafted with love! They take time, and are in demand. Our current processing time is finally down to 4 weeks or sooner! We can't wait to work with you!

Ombré black tubes with logo imprint 😍😍
Package 1 all glitter gloss (red, Nude d
Lipstick Making Expo Retreat recap! 2019

Lipstick Making Expo Retreat

Black Ombre Packaging

Glitter Gloss In Traditional

Lipgloss Tubes


"Because Every Girl Deserves the Chance to Build Her Empire"




 15 full sized items


Mixture of all of our best selling products in one sample package! these come premade and are random and preselected. at this time, sample boxes cannot be customized.